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PureWater Solutions of VA is family owned and operated, licensed and insured, Water Treatment and Residential Plumbing Company. We hold a Master Plumber license with the state of Virginia, with over 25 years experience. We take pride in educating and providing each customer with clean and safe water, with quality plumbing service, and top notch customer service, in our community!

What's in Your Water?

Complete Residential Plumbing and Light Commercial Service

From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower, a slow drain, or a clogged toilet we can handle the job. We have a full staff ready to service your plumbing needs. And with over 25+ years of experience in the field we can get the job done once and right!

Well Pumps Services

We repair and replace submersibles, jet pumps, hand pumps, and more. We offer services not just at the pump underground and in the home. Complete line replacements.

Pumps Services

From simple sump pump to full septic sewage pump we handle them all. Crawlspace wet? Sewage pump alarm going off? Redirecting unwanted water? We got you covered!

Expansion Tank Services

Water pressure issues or upgrading to preserve the pump achieving more pressure sometimes is a must. We offer expansion tanks for hot water heaters too. A good working expansion tank helps the life of your pump.

Constant Pressure Well Systems

Replaces the traditional pressure switch with constant PSI switch and controller, adjust the speed of the pump allowing more supply while keeping with-in 5 PSI of startup. Constant water pressure with multiple fixtures at once.

Water Heaters

We provide the best prices, from electric, natural gas and LP tank heaters to even installing and servicing tankless hot water heaters. we know the importance of Hot water.

Drain Cleaning

A sink drain or a house main drain, we got the right tools and Technicians to handle the job, We can provide a complete drain inspection and provide a copy for your records at your request!

Experts in Delivering Quality Water
Iron Issues

Fairly common to find in well water, and with a high enough amount it could leave brown/ orangish staining on your plumbing fixtures, and even a metallic taste. EPA Recommends .03 or more be Treated with Iron filtration.


Manganese is not as common as Iron but could be present. It will allow black staining on porcelain, and it too can have a metallic taste. EPA has a health advisory for anything over .05

Sulfur (Rotten Egg)
Sulfur (Rotten Egg) is a naturally occurring gas that is colorless and sometimes hard to detect with most testing at lower levels. Highly flammable and toxic to our health and being the most difficult to remove from water. There is no EPA max, however it’s a hard one to live with.
Turbidity makes water cloudy and sometimes looks like particulate iron. Organic and inorganic matter, algae and other microscopic organisms can cause water to have a displeasing view.

Sediment among the most common issue it’s a particulate and can be filtered. It can be in the form of sand, clay, rock, etc. and depending on the amount the demand for filtration.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals include arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, silver, and many others. Each metal can cause certain health depending on the levels consumed. Filtration is needed if present. For a full list and effects visit WQA.org


Chemicals Pesticides, gasoline, oils, and the forever chemicals like PFOAS. All chemicals in drinking water will have health effects over time. Man made chemicals play a big effect on our drinking water. Filtration is needed is present.

Complete Water Treatment Services for Residential and Light Commercial

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